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The IR Mobile Revolution

find more information Smartphones — and the portable 24/7 internet access they provide — have revolutionized the way in which people access key information about their investments. Continue reading “The IR Mobile Revolution” »

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Long Term Investors Care About ESG Criteria

buy clomid pct online Using ESG (Environmental, Societal, and Governance) criteria to assess important investment decisions is quickly becoming standard practice for investors. How can IR professionals keep abreast of this new trend? Continue reading “Long Term Investors Care About ESG Criteria” »

Investors and Analysts Want Visual Reporting

Part of what’s made Microsoft PowerPoint such a beloved presentation platform is the simple fact that people tend to engage more readily with visual media. But the times are changing — and new platforms and methods for reporting are emerging as we enter a new age of Investor Relations. Continue reading “Investors and Analysts Want Visual Reporting” »

How Mobile Can Improve Corporate Communications

As the FinTech sector expands more rapidly than ever before, mobile applications have become incredible resources for IR activities — but that’s just one of the many essential business values that apps can provide. Continue reading “How Mobile Can Improve Corporate Communications” »

How Stories Drive the Market

Most people with a link to financial markets know that stock markets are not just driven by cold, hard numbers, popular narratives about market trends often have investors buying in — even when the data doesn’t support them. IR professionals need powerful communication tools in order to take ownership of these stories. Continue reading “How Stories Drive the Market” »

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The Results Are in: Investors and Analysts Prefer Apps to Social Media

Mobile has already become a requisite best practice for IR professionals across the globe. But recent research indicates that investors and analysts overwhelmingly prefer apps to all other mobile communications platforms. Continue reading “The Results Are in: Investors and Analysts Prefer Apps to Social Media” »

Overcoming Communication Challenges for IPOs

The number of startups globally is growing exponentially, meaning more and more IPOs are being filed in markets around the world. But many of these companies are still struggling to communicate effectively as they emerge into the public space. Continue reading “Overcoming Communication Challenges for IPOs” »

Another Year on the IR Conference Circuit

As the global Investor Relations conference circuit bid farewell to 2015, major players converged in Australia to discuss the trends that will dominate the industry in the coming year. Continue reading “Another Year on the IR Conference Circuit” »

ShareholderApp Launches in Singapore

This week, ShareholderApp introduces its proprietary Investor Relations app to the most smartphone-connected market in the world — available for any SGX-listed company. Continue reading “ShareholderApp Launches in Singapore” »

The Age of the Shareholder

Small and growing companies increasingly rely on the loyalty of investors to stay afloat, bringing the importance of solid communication between companies and shareholders to an all-time high. Continue reading “The Age of the Shareholder” »