Overcoming Communication Challenges for IPOs

More hints The number of startups globally is growing exponentially, meaning more and more IPOs are being filed in markets around the world. But many of these companies are still struggling to communicate effectively as they emerge into the public space. Continue reading “Overcoming Communication Challenges for IPOs” »

How to Think Like an Activist Investor

look here Activist investors are a growing presence in corporate boardrooms. To transform activist investors from nuisance to asset, directors should begin to think like them. Continue reading “How to Think Like an Activist Investor” »

The Age of the Shareholder

Small and growing companies increasingly rely on the loyalty of investors to stay afloat, bringing the importance of solid communication between companies and shareholders to an all-time high. Continue reading “The Age of the Shareholder” »

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How Competitive is Your Intelligence?

Today, business professionals access information via a wide variety of digital and non-digital sources — but the ability to effectively filter, analyze, communicate, and act upon that information can be a challenge. Continue reading “How Competitive is Your Intelligence?” »

The Growing Demand for Sustainability Data

When it comes to corporate reporting, today’s investors want more than just strictly financial data. They are increasingly calling for “sustainability data” — information about environmental impacts, social responsibility, governance issues, and human rights concerns. Continue reading “The Growing Demand for Sustainability Data” »

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Opening Channels of Communication Between Investors and Directors

It can be difficult for a Board of Directors to gauge how, when, and where to communicate directly with their investors. Yet Director-to-Investor communication is important — and increasingly expected. How should Directors respond? Continue reading “Opening Channels of Communication Between Investors and Directors” »

Will Your Board Use an Investor Relations Mobile App?

As the rapid proliferation of mobile technology reshapes business practices across the globe, expanding your investor relations program to include the mobile platform is non-negotiable. Continue reading “Will Your Board Use an Investor Relations Mobile App?” »

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Social Media and IR

With its ability to drastically improve communications with key company stakeholders, social media has become a vital tool in the modern world of Investor Relations.

Continue reading “Social Media and IR” »

The REIT Sector Needs an IR Overhaul

IR professionals in the REIT sector face a unique set of challenges — mobile apps can help. Continue reading “The REIT Sector Needs an IR Overhaul” »

The Blossoming Fintech Sector

The world of finance is getting a 21st century makeover thanks to forward-thinking startups and their techno-centric approach. Continue reading “The Blossoming Fintech Sector” »