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corporate governance

New Governance Principles Call For Better Corporate Reporting

A new set of guidelines established by 13 prominent executives and financial leaders marks a significant step toward a unified effort to improve corporate governance.

Continue reading “New Governance Principles Call For Better Corporate Reporting” »

earth space

Sustainable Investors Are Taking on the Credit Rating Agencies

Forward-thinking investors in sustainable ventures are calling on credit rating agencies to more seriously consider environmental and social information when making their analyses.

Continue reading “Sustainable Investors Are Taking on the Credit Rating Agencies” »

rotary phone

Call to Action: It’s Time for Non-IR Execs to Start Communicating with Investors

The shareholder paradigm is shifting: engagement can no longer be limited just to IROs and their teams.

Continue reading “Call to Action: It’s Time for Non-IR Execs to Start Communicating with Investors” »

street arrows

You Just Finished Your IPO Journey — Now What?

The hard work doesn’t stop after your company has gone public. A proactive IR strategy is a must in order to foster long-term analyst and investor relationships.

Continue reading “You Just Finished Your IPO Journey — Now What?” »


Shifting Sands: How to Keep Pace With an Ever-Changing IR Landscape

The global financial crisis drastically reshaped the Investor Relations landscape. IROs today encompass a much broader range of responsibilities, including maintaining the stability of their company’s valuation.

Continue reading “Shifting Sands: How to Keep Pace With an Ever-Changing IR Landscape” »

plant water

How to Retain Your Existing Shareholder Base

The need to attract new investors while retaining the old ones is a balancing act IR professionals have to master in an increasingly competitive sector.

Continue reading “How to Retain Your Existing Shareholder Base” »

old people

The Rise of Mom and Pop Investors

When it comes to pushing agendas and maintaining financial stability, more and more companies are courting individual retail investors. Are small shareholders back on the rise?

Continue reading “The Rise of Mom and Pop Investors” »

communication phone

How to Communicate Effectively During an Acquisition

Merger and acquisition activity had a record-setting year in 2015, and could very well break that record this year. But not all acquisitions go according to plan; and IROs have a role to play in ensuring the deals proceed smoothly.

Continue reading “How to Communicate Effectively During an Acquisition” »


A Brief History of Shareholder Activism

Since its early inception in the 1920s, shareholder activism has morphed from a check against groupthink in the boardroom into what many experts are now calling a major crisis.

Continue reading “A Brief History of Shareholder Activism” »