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A business team

Long Term Investors Care About ESG Criteria

Using ESG (Environmental, Societal, and Governance) criteria to assess important investment decisions is quickly becoming standard practice for investors. How can IR professionals keep abreast of this new trend? Continue reading “Long Term Investors Care About ESG Criteria” »

A car dashboard

KPIs for IR Professionals

In order to render a truly accurate picture of your company’s performance to shareholders, you need to exhaustively test and collate your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Continue reading “KPIs for IR Professionals” »

A business person on their phone

Adopting a Proactive Approach to Investor Relations

As IR professionals consider how best to leverage digital technology, it’s important to remember that in this business, it pays to be proactive. There’s nothing like the speed of mobile technology to help you get out ahead of investor expectations. Continue reading “Adopting a Proactive Approach to Investor Relations” »

Retail Investor Confidence in Singapore is on the Decline

Citing bearish forecasts for the Singaporean economy, retail investors report an increasing skittishness. IROs must better communicate their expectations through digital channels to proactively ease retail investor concerns. 
Continue reading “Retail Investor Confidence in Singapore is on the Decline” »

How to Build and Retain Your Retail Investor Base

For public companies around the world, retail investors are becoming a more important part of the big picture. If IR teams want to carry their sustained interest, they’ll first need to learn how to speak their language. Continue reading “How to Build and Retain Your Retail Investor Base” »

Technology Rules the Asian Market

Across Asia, the fintech industry is experiencing a period of explosive growth — as more and more investment capital floods into these regional markets, companies must make sure their IR strategies are in sync with investor expectations. Continue reading “Technology Rules the Asian Market” »

The Shifting Tides of the Modern Market

In the past fifteen years, technology and mobile devices have caused a paradigm shift within markets across the globe. Stakeholders and retail investors have gained enormous power and transparency, but it’s come at the cost of decentralization. Continue reading “The Shifting Tides of the Modern Market” »

How Stories Drive the Market

Most people with a link to financial markets know that stock markets are not just driven by cold, hard numbers, popular narratives about market trends often have investors buying in — even when the data doesn’t support them. IR professionals need powerful communication tools in order to take ownership of these stories. Continue reading “How Stories Drive the Market” »

Is Singapore the Next Silicon Valley?

Singapore’s prime geographical location, strong VC and tech infrastructure, and important government initiatives have led to its crowning as the newest hotspot for major Fintech investors. Continue reading “Is Singapore the Next Silicon Valley?” »