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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Investor Relations

buy viagra online free shipping When it comes to investor relations, you should never stop seeking out ways to improve. Let’s run through 5 quick strategies that can help IR departments of all shapes and sizes. Continue reading “5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Investor Relations” »


Shifting Sands: How to Keep Pace With an Ever-Changing IR Landscape

The global financial crisis drastically reshaped the Investor Relations landscape. IROs today encompass a much broader range of responsibilities, including maintaining the stability of their company’s valuation.

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How to Retain Your Existing Shareholder Base

The need to attract new investors while retaining the old ones is a balancing act IR professionals have to master in an increasingly competitive sector.

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A Brief History of Shareholder Activism

Since its early inception in the 1920s, shareholder activism has morphed from a check against groupthink in the boardroom into what many experts are now calling a major crisis.

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Investors and Analysts Want Visual Reporting

Part of what’s made Microsoft PowerPoint such a beloved presentation platform is the simple fact that people tend to engage more readily with visual media. But the times are changing — and new platforms and methods for reporting are emerging as we enter a new age of Investor Relations. Continue reading “Investors and Analysts Want Visual Reporting” »

How Mobile Can Improve Corporate Communications

As the FinTech sector expands more rapidly than ever before, mobile applications have become incredible resources for IR activities — but that’s just one of the many essential business values that apps can provide. Continue reading “How Mobile Can Improve Corporate Communications” »

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The Results Are in: Investors and Analysts Prefer Apps to Social Media

Mobile has already become a requisite best practice for IR professionals across the globe. But recent research indicates that investors and analysts overwhelmingly prefer apps to all other mobile communications platforms. Continue reading “The Results Are in: Investors and Analysts Prefer Apps to Social Media” »

Another Year on the IR Conference Circuit

As the global Investor Relations conference circuit bid farewell to 2015, major players converged in Australia to discuss the trends that will dominate the industry in the coming year. Continue reading “Another Year on the IR Conference Circuit” »

ShareholderApp Launches in Singapore

This week, ShareholderApp introduces its proprietary Investor Relations app to the most smartphone-connected market in the world — available for any SGX-listed company. Continue reading “ShareholderApp Launches in Singapore” »

Investor Relations in Singapore

As the SGX continues to grow and diversify, global investors, buy-side analysts, and other key stakeholders are seeking a more modern approach to Investor Relations. IROs say a key responsibility is adopting new communications technologies. Continue reading “Investor Relations in Singapore” »