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How to Communicate Effectively During an Acquisition

Merger and acquisition activity had a record-setting year in 2015, and could very well break that record this year. But not all acquisitions go according to plan; and IROs have a role to play in ensuring the deals proceed smoothly.

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Proof that IR Has Entered the Social Media Age

If you think that social media doesn’t have a critical role to play in the world of Investor Relations, think again: Elon Musk’s Twitter activity is all the proof you need.

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The IR Mobile Revolution

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The Results Are in: Investors and Analysts Prefer Apps to Social Media

Mobile has already become a requisite best practice for IR professionals across the globe. But recent research indicates that investors and analysts overwhelmingly prefer apps to all other mobile communications platforms. Continue reading “The Results Are in: Investors and Analysts Prefer Apps to Social Media” »

Overcoming Communication Challenges for IPOs

The number of startups globally is growing exponentially, meaning more and more IPOs are being filed in markets around the world. But many of these companies are still struggling to communicate effectively as they emerge into the public space. Continue reading “Overcoming Communication Challenges for IPOs” »

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Social Media and IR

With its ability to drastically improve communications with key company stakeholders, social media has become a vital tool in the modern world of Investor Relations.

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