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rotary phone

Call to Action: It’s Time for Non-IR Execs to Start Communicating with Investors

The shareholder paradigm is shifting: engagement can no longer be limited just to IROs and their teams.

Continue reading “Call to Action: It’s Time for Non-IR Execs to Start Communicating with Investors” »

The Growing Demand for Sustainability Data

When it comes to corporate reporting, today’s investors want more than just strictly financial data. They are increasingly calling for “sustainability data” — information about environmental impacts, social responsibility, governance issues, and human rights concerns. Continue reading “The Growing Demand for Sustainability Data” »

A purple sky.

Opening Channels of Communication Between Investors and Directors

It can be difficult for a Board of Directors to gauge how, when, and where to communicate directly with their investors. Yet Director-to-Investor communication is important — and increasingly expected. How should Directors respond? Continue reading “Opening Channels of Communication Between Investors and Directors” »