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Frequently Asked Questions


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They are two completely different platforms. A mobile app is a native, stand-alone platform which is proactive in nature, while websites are accessed via a web browser and more passive in the sense that they rely on passing traffic.

A mobile website can only be accessed via a web browser which, of course, requires mobile coverage. A mobile app can be viewed offline.

A native mobile app also sits on the phone screen, giving your brand visibility and a strong presence.

A mobile app also delivers information instantly with a simple swipe of your company’s icon. It is the speed and efficiency of mobile apps which has seen them grow in popularity.

In the case of ShareholderApp, it is the powerful notification tools which gives it a distinct advantage over company websites.

In terms of user behavior, smart phone users spend four times as much time on apps as they do on the Internet.

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Companies can add any document they like to the app, provided the file is a .pdf, .m4a/.mp3 (Audio) or .mp4 (Video) file.

The files are added to the Corporate Document section of your app via our unique and secure Content Management System. Adding a document via the CMS is no more difficult than sending an email.

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ShareholderApp provides each client with a suggested marketing plan, together with necessary material such as Apple and Google logos and draft media releases.  We will also continue to work closely with you to ensure your app continues to be a key part of your shareholder communications.

Establishing a ShareholderApp sends the right signal to the market; you are proactively working hard to maximize shareholder value.  As such we are happy to work with you to ensure that your marketing efforts are duly recognized and help deliver value.

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It is estimated that there are now hundreds of public companies in global financial markets with a mobile application for shareholders.

[av_toggle title=’Do I need to link the app to my website? Do I need to involve my IT department?’ tags=”]

No, your ShareholderApp sits on a standalone, native platform, with vast majority of the app self-populating with content issued by your company.

There is nothing complex about ShareholderApp.  The information already exists and we are simply re-distributing it via a new and powerful communication platform.

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ShareholderApp is a native app which means it is installed directly onto the mobile device, offering benefits such as faster accessibility, offline viewing and push notifications.

[av_toggle title=’Is ShareholderApp available for all smart phones and tablets?’ tags=”]

ShareholderApp has been developed for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, which covers nearly 100 per cent of mobile devices.


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