Adopting a Proactive Approach to Investor Relations

As IR professionals consider how best to leverage digital technology, it’s important to remember that in this business, it pays to be proactive. There’s nothing like the speed of mobile technology to help you get out ahead of investor expectations.


Even as the rest of the business world migrates towards digital strategies, many IROs are still overwhelmed by the prospect of following suit. What they fail to realize, however, is just how connected they already are, according Global Newswire.


Today, nearly everyone in the developed world has an internet connection, a smartphone, a Twitter handle, Facebook account and, in many cases, use a range of social media platforms — it’s simply a matter of capitalizing upon existing opportunities.


Communicating with Social Media

If your company has an active social media account, good news! You’ve already got a foot in the door. Assuming that your existing and potential investors are actually taking notice of them, then you’re well on your way to effectively leveraging social media for IR purposes.


By maintaining an active social media presence, you’re not just opening up an additional channel for corporate and financial communications — you’re engaging your company stakeholders on the most commonly used media platforms in the world.


However, when it comes to establishing direct and enhanced channels for corporate reporting with shareholders, you might want to focus your attention on other digital platforms — think of social media as a means for casting as wide a net as possible, but one that will always remain at the surface level. For truly effective IR, a more targeted, proactive approach is key.


Mobile Focus

When IROs employ the best practices of omnichannel marketing, they can unify their IR efforts and provide the maximum amount of value and accessibility to their investors, according to Marketo. Engaging shareholders, analysts, reporters, and other key company stakeholders through every available channel in a coordinated, branded manner gives them a sense of your company’s stability and acumen before they’ve even seen your latest performance numbers.


But while IROs must utilize every available channel and tool, they must also recognize that, when it comes to disclosing important company information, not all platforms are created equal.


As smartphone penetration continues to soar in key markets across the globe, it has become clear that the best tool for proactive corporate communications is a mobile platform. While IR best practices call for a holistic approach, native mobile applications are far and away the best channel for keeping shareholders connected, informed and engaged.


What’s So Great About Mobile Apps?

Branded IR apps enable IROs to establish direct, proactive connections with their investors — users can opt to receive push notifications on important company news and disclosures as they are released to the market. Moreover, apps facilitate one-touch, anywhere-anytime access to earnings reports, press releases, presentations, and any other IR materials that can be optimized for the mobile screen.


All of these features and functionalities come together to create a seamless user experience, thereby strengthening the relationship between public companies and their investors. At the end of the day, this kind of proactive communication, transparency, and accessibility will play a key role in any organization’s ability to attract new investment capital and hold onto its current shareholder base.




(Main image credit: niekverlaan/Pixabay)