ShareholderApp Launches in Singapore

This week, ShareholderApp introduces its proprietary Investor Relations app to the most smartphone-connected market in the world — available for any SGX-listed company.


Singapore is now the most connected mobile market in the world. As such, stakeholders now have a baseline expectation that key decision-making information be accessible at any time, in any place.


We’re proud to announce that our IR mobile app, ShareholderApp, is now available for any company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) to meet and exceed this rising demand for easy access and mobility.


ShareholderApp will enable Singaporean IR professionals to share price updates, company news, earnings charts, and any other publicly-distributed materials at a speed and convenience that only the mobile platform can provide. Benefits such as push notifications and intuitive, one-touch access will allow SGX companies to develop a more engaged, responsive, and professional relationship with stakeholders than ever before.


A Channel for Every Need

The app will be distributed in Singapore, and then throughout Asia via AppTick Mobility, a Singapore-based mobile technology company. As AppTick Managing Director Mark Charland notes, “Nearly 85% of Singaporeans now actively use smartphones, the highest rate in any market in the world. As such, it’s inevitable that a mobile app will become a standard communication channel for any SGX-listed company’s investor relations program. Today, most companies still offer email notifications as their primary opt-in channel for such information, but email overload makes this what I would call a sunset channel.”


This comes at a time when, according to Nielsen research, 89% of a smartphone user’s time on mobile devices is spent inside native apps — only 11% is spent browsing the mobile web. Stakeholders are less likely to access corporate websites via the traditional web on mobile because the information they seek is usually several clicks deep and often not formatted properly for mobile viewing.


Surprisingly, less than 0.4% of companies in the SGX market are visibly executing on a mobile IR strategy. However, ShareholderApp will allow companies to adopt mobile IR options quickly, efficiently, and affordably.


ShareholderApp co-founder Chris Muldoon explains, “Our turn-key model removes the time, resources, and costs involved in developing and administering your own mobile app. We are providing SGX-listed companies with smooth access to the most powerful communications platform in business today.”


Muldoon claims that with ShareholderApp, any SGX-listed company can have its own branded, customized, and optimized mobile application within three weeks.


Significantly, the practical uses of a mobile app are quite broad. Mr. Charland explains that, “ShareholderApp is not just for investors. ShareholderApp is equally powerful in maintaining an information connection to fund managers, research analysts, journalists, and internally, Board members and employees.”


We are excited to finally launch ShareholderApp in Singapore, the first step in a Pan-Asia distribution agreement with AppTick Mobility. This rollout will ultimately encompass more than ten key equity markets across Asia.


As mobile strategy rapidly becomes requisite practice for modern Investor Relations, we only expect to take our ShareholderApp platform to even greater heights.